EasyNano is an electrically conductive paste based on carbon nanotubes recommended for polymers, in solvent and aqueous systems, such as resins, paints and adhesives (epoxy, vinylester or polyester resins, polyurethane or acrylic systems). Incorporation of EasyNano to these polymeric matrices may be done by using conventional dispersion impeller techniques.

EasyNano are nanomaterials processed in the form of non-nanometric materials by physicochemical processes, including pre-dispersion in a miscible component of the different polymers. Nanomaterials lose the powder form as they are transformed in a paste, allowing a better and more safe handling, without needing protective and specific equipment for nanomaterials processing.

Easynano conductor

EASYNANO conductive paste

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Conventional carbon nanotubes

EasyNano advantages during handling and processing:

  • Easy and fast dispersion process, in solvent and aqueous media
  • Stable dispersions
  • Customization of product according to customer needs and applications
  • Ready-to-use: no pre-dispersion process required
  • Powder release avoided
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Incorporation of carbon nanotubes to resins, paints, adhesives, coatings etc, using EasyNano as additive, allows different ranges of electrical conductivity (dissipative, electrostatic paint or electromagnetic radiation shielding), obtaining electrical resistivity values of 101-102 Ω·cm.

This low resistivity is required for applications as different as self-protection against electrical discharges in floors, fuel lines or electronic devices, self-heating of vehicles seats, anti-icing/decing of wind turbines or aeroplanes.