Resins reinforced with graphene derivatives for the preparation of continuous fibre composite materials (carbon or glass fibre) by infusion or moulding processes. These composites can be used in components on aircraft, wind turbines, bridges, ships, cars and sports equipment, to name a few.

The presence of graphene derivatives in the resin enhances the adherence fibre to resin, increasing rigidity, strength and resistance to cracking, substantially increasing the component’s life expectancy.

Graphene derivatives additivated to the resin have known characteristics ideal for this type of application. When coupled with a homogeneous mix in the resin, they prevent the filter effect produced when the resin is added to the fibre along with other additives caused by the formation of aggregates.

Crack propagation energy. In the presence of graphene, the energy required for crack formation and propagation is higher

Test de deslaminación del material compuesto

Composites delamination test

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Tensile strength. Maximum tensile strength is increased for the graphene-based resin.