In the last decade, 3D printing has evolved and developed enormously to the point that it is now available to the private user. This huge growth is in part due to its convenience; speed, simplicity and low cost. 3D printing is extremely versatile and used in a variety of sectors: making architectural models, prototype footwear and jewellery and the design of finished components for construction, cars, medical equipment and industrial design.

In the field of additive manufacturing, nanomaterials play a vital role in enhancing the properties of the polymer and can improve mechanical properties and increase the conductivity of the 3D filament used for printing, depending on its final use.

In this respect, it is important to note two types of 3D printing filament with graphene and other carbon-based nanomaterials developed by Applynano; one of PET with enhanced tensile strength and a conductive filament made from PLA. We can also fabricate customised filaments to order.