Applynano is an innovative, dynamic and open company and we are keenly aware of our relationship with the environment. While the company seeks growth and competitiveness, we are committed to social issues and environmental protection.

Our staff at Applynano are key and our goal is to include every member of our team by investing in training and improved working conditions, equal opportunities and non-discrimination. The opinions and involvement of each staff member are important and the company views these aspects as no less a duty than any other activity we are involved in.

Our environmental commitment is focused on developing and implementing work methods aimed at the sustainable management of raw materials, products and waste, which has the added benefit of enhancing the company’s competitive edge.


  • We promote and reward our employees’ implication and their capacity for assuming responsibilities and recognising opportunities where the company can improve.

  • Teamwork and mutual support are vital for the company’s success, which requires the multidisciplinary collaboration of everyone as we strive to be a model of employee integrity.

  • Our working conditions are designed to ensure health and safety as well as professional development and strike a balance between work and family life.

  • Transparency and legality form the basis for the company’s sound economic and financial management. On no account will the company support illegal activity.

  • Our quality assurance policy is of enormous importance to the company, and will ensure that the interests of our suppliers, clients and users are always utmost, to ensure customer loyalty.

  • Commitments and contracts entered into with suppliers, clients and third parties, including data protection and confidentiality, will be respected and fulfilled at all times.

  • Active communication and collaboration with associations and bodies from a range of different fields from the private sector, universities and research centres is a cornerstone of our activity both nationally and across Europe.

  • The company will promote the implementation of systems and procedures that rationalise the use of natural resources, energy and raw materials, to reduce waste, introduce methods for the reuse and management of materials, and ensure compliance with environmental legislation.

  • As a technological based company, we are committed to investment in R+D activities to ensure the company’s sustainable growth, competitiveness and innovation.

  • We are committed to enhancing the company’s competitiveness through best practices, marketing strategies, corporate design and transparency.