Sports equipment needs a material that is strong and lightweight, both properties provided by graphene and carbon-based nanomaterials. It is used as a reinforcement in composite materials made with resin and glass, carbon, aramid or Kevlar fibre and these properties have led to its appearance on the market in cycling helmets, bicycle frames and surf boards. At Applynano, we are particularly proud of the graphene oxide used in the manufacture of padel tennis racquets. Graphene also has huge potential for use in other sports equipment including skiing equipment, snowboarding, skateboarding, golf and fishing, among others.

Another of the useful properties of graphene and carbon-based nanomaterials is their flexibility and ability to prevent corrosion, making them useful in the manufacture of competition canoes, for sports surfaces, mountaineering gear etc.  Another important property of graphene when used in helmets is its antibacterial properties, and thermal dissipation, which helps reduce the wearer’s body temperature and increase comfort.